Pulchowki Mountain Run

pulchowkiThe highest peak in the valley at 2700m this is quite a climb! There are many routes to the top and a multitude of routes to explore the valleys surrounding the mountain. At the top is an army checkpost where you can have a break, a cup of tea, and soak in the views…..

Shivapuri National Park


The most accessible National Park from Kathmandu, Shivapuri is stunning. The trails and forest paths that meander through the park pass monuments, temples, and shrines and the landscape is incredible. This is the site of the North Face Ultra Race so we can give you a sneak peak of the route!

Godavari Hills 

godavari hills

The house is nestled in the hills of Godavari where the Red Fox 50k takes place in October. The lush green paddy fields give way to the rolling hills and dirt tracks that lead to small villages that aren’t often visited. The Botanical Gardens and Mountain Development Centre are here too, making great trips out after long runs!

The Temple Tour

godavari temple

A favourite amongst local runners in Godavari, this run takes you to a total of three temples in 20k on easy trails around the town. Stopping at each temple Narayan can give you information on the history of each temple and the rituals that take place. Feel free to join in and take part!

Champa Devi Mountain

champa devi path

A beautiful ridge run on the west side of the valley through pristine forest. A the top is a temple with fine views over the valley and the mountains of Langtang National park beyond Shivapuri. Runs can be arranged as a single day or as part of a multi-day tour of the West Valley Rim.